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With a keen interest in numbers from a very early age, Matt has recently discovered a love for economics and trading. During the Iraq war, he started to research oil and the interaction between fossil fuels and the economy. This interest led to a full-blown fascination with economics, trading, and renewable energy.
Matt thinks of himself as optimistic about the capacities of humans, and also recognizes the inevitablity of cycles. Matt believes that humans have the capacity to live in freedom and joy, through certain patterns and habits of perception and focus. He believes that this capacity will become increasingly evident and important in the next couple of decades as humans face the current challenges of climate change and other growth restricitons. He also believes cycles are present in populations, economies, in individual lives, in individual careers, and in daily life. He is curious how a greater understanding of cycles could augment current economic theory.
Matt lives in Eugene, OR with his lady Em. Matt plays cello and helps install renewable energy projects.


Cello, Rock Climbing, Renewable Energy, Nature walks, Bohmian Dialogue, Nonviolent Communication, Tribalism